​Korea International Trade Association(KITA)

KITA was established in 1945 with a view to advancing the Korean economy through trade expansion. It has since grown to become the largest non-profit organization with over 70,000 member firms. We raise funds by operating COEX, the largest MICE platform in Seoul, and disburse the funds to fulfill our missions to accelerate business growth.


Global Startups Team

Global Startups Team, KITA, is dedicated to connecting various stakeholders in the global start-up ecosystem to help them find the best mutual value with each other. For global brands, we source Korean tech startups that can enhance their value chain.

Seoul Center for Creative Economy & Innovation


SCCEI is a hub that aims to facilitate the venture ecosystem of Korea by connecting all interested parties by utilizing its private networks. In order to facilitate and expand startup ecosystem, it is supporting Korean venture firms in diverse aspects including crowd funding, K-culture, foodtech, fashion and etc. In addition, SCCEI is in possession of an incubating center which can be used as startup office, meeting room, relevant lectures and networking sessions.